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24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Sheet

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Many importers who come from all over the world buy and use metal, especially 24 gauge galvanized steel sheet.


How to make galvanized steel sheet? Please follow process as below:


At the beginning, Workers immerse carbon steel sheet in a molten zinc plating bath with lots of times. This process is called Hot-dip. Good sheet with zinc adhered on steel sheet can be got by us, and meantime, zinc is as layer easily.


The second process is alloyed galvanized steel. Workers should put sheet into hot liquid immediately in order to get fine materials.


After then, galvanized steel sheet should be become workable. Now we can get sheet with fine corrosion resistance, however, the coating is thin,


At last, in order to overcome the shortcomings of single-sided uncoated zinc, workers have to add zinc in the other side. Meantime, elements of zinc, lead, aluminum, zinc etc should be added in sheet. Now we get plate with superior rust resistance, and good coating performance.

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