Dezhou Hualude Hardware Products Co.,Ltd


Dezhou Hualude Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. was originally founded in 1996 and re-established in 2002 under our current name. A manufacturer and exporter of hardwares and chemicals. Since our original founding we have formed export relationships with many importers all over the world.
Our primary product lines are focused on the hardware market and chemical market, outputting such goods as nails,dyestuffs, iron wire, wire nettings, fence posts, garden hardware, coated hardware, rigging hardware,acid dyes, solvent dyes. basic dyes.pigments, dye intermediate, etc. Most recently we have began manufacturing other items, such as stainless steel pipes and fittings, corn brooms, foundation chairs, steel rebar, hardware tools, wheel barrows, direct dyes, etc.
Timely service, high quality products and competitive prices have given us a great reputation among clients worldwide. Looking forward to serving you, we welcome all interested parties to contact us in person, online or by phone. We sincerely wecome your cooperation.

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